Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baby Boy Stars

When did all the stores in Clarksville quit selling the dark blue Boucle? When I didn't buy enough and was in the middle of a blanket that my sister ordered for a coworker! I am happy with the finished product even though it was nothing like I pictured.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Filet and Stuff

For a few months I was on a real filet kick and particularly admire those designers. The first one I completed was "I Love You" Lace by Nancy Hearne.

Why is it that nobody EVER wants to ask you anything until you need to concentrate on a piece? I could sit in my living room for hours and not be asked a single thing, but let me pick up a hook and thread. . . . .

"The Seashell Filet" by Donna Libhart was fun to make and originally was going to hang in my bathroom. However, I changed the theme since then so there are no plans for it at present.

Donna Lee-Piglowski's "Wild Rose Filet" is the largest piece of the three and in my home will go nicely in many rooms.

After the stretch of filet, I needed a break from all the concentration required and went on to impromptu hats. The problem with my hats is that I do not guage the sizes well, at least according to the standard head sizes. In order to make make a hat that will fit a newborn I need to think "Preemie" to make it small enough. The reason behind this is my own newborns evidently had 6-9 month sized heads!

This "Ladybug Hat" is made with sport yarn. The spots
and trim are done with black eyelash. The brim is floppy and can easily have ties added if needed or preferred.

The pink and brown "Flapper" is worked in worsted weight, two strands held together. The trim reaches just over the tops of the ears and is done with reverse single crochet.

These baby boy bibs were fun, quick and easy to work up. You just never know when your infant or toddler son will need business, business-casual or formal attire.

My granddaughter Hannah became quite attached to a poncho a few years ago and it appeared that she felt as though she were wearing a blanket. She enjoyed the benefit of being warm and having her hands free to play instead of having to grip a blanket. One of my favorite things about ponchos is that the size range is quite broad and one can be worn for a few years before being outgrown.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My First ChainLink

If I had known how much fun the show was I would have attended years ago! To begin with, I was able to spend several days with my dear friend Jocelyn. We had SO much fun, even when briefly stuck in the hotel elevator.

And then I was so fortunate to have met Molly Mahoney. What a wonderful and entertaining young woman who appears to have unlimited talent. I truly enjoyed the time we spent with her. AND she taught me to knit--thank you Molly!

Magical Mosaic and Tapestry Motif classes were awesome and I am very excited to begin projects in both. Once home, there was a bit of a let-down from all the fun and excitement in Buffalo but I'm confident that once I settle back in to my routine I will find the time to try out these techniques. Thank you Susan Lowman and Carol Ventura for teaching these classes.

I almost forgot to mention the awesome door prize I won at Professional Development Day. It's a Sharon Mann "Art Doll" and it is absolutely charming!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stuff For My Granddaughters

It has been so long since crocheting has been a substantial part of my days that I had forgotten how much I truly love it.

Raising four children, finishing school, and finding my place in the business world has taken up most of the last 15 years with the occasional afghan or other project finding a place among text books, Upward basketball games, or Girl Scout meetings.

My dear friend of 24 years, Jocelyn Sass is the most diligent and hard-working mother, designer, editor and writer I know. She is a wonderful encourager and I look forward to attending the Knit & Crochet Show next month in Buffalo, NY and spending time with her and so many other talented individuals!

While off work for six months in 2008 I settled in at home and did some serious crocheting--the fact that I was a relatively new grandmother and was expecting two more grand babies later in the year was a HUGE motivator and made it all the more fun.

Big Pig was so much fun to make. He worked up very quickly and delights my sweet Emma.

Little Leo was made for Hannah who loves all wild and farm animals. Even though he is made with size 3 cotton and a B hook, he also worked up in no time.

The last project I completed was supposed to be a polar bear but at some angles looks more like a dog.

Poopsie Polar Bear's ambiguous features would be a concern if he had been designed for anyone other than my precious Autumn. If it can be squeezed, mangled or chewed she'll love it!