Monday, July 19, 2010

To Cool Off. . .

We have had such a heat wave in Middle Tennessee. It has been so humid that the meteorologists call the air "juicy". . . .I have not had the desire nor the courage needed to get outside for a bike ride or run so instead I stayed inside yesterday after church and used up some leftover Saucy cotton to make washcloths for Emma and Autumn, my two younger grandbeauties. This activity did nothing for my heart rate, endurance or strength, but making a turtle and fish, thinking about the ocean while in an air conditioned room did a great deal for my comfort.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Buzzter Bee

Emma is quite fond of bumble bees so I made her this odd looking creature. The best thing about making things for my sweet babies is that they ALWAYS know what they're supposed to be (unlike the adults). It must be a granddaughter thing. . . .
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Grandbeauty Stuff. . .

Of the gazillion bears that my Sweet Hannah owns, Pandas are her favorites. Owning a Panda Bear "pack pack" became a necessity. Although the bag is not very large, it is the perfect size to hold a girl's miniature Panda Bear collection.

Hannah's sister, Autumn also needed a bag to carry around her special things so she ended up with this maroon and blue back pack that looks more bear-like but could also be a dog. Maybe when the straps are attached and Autumn is wearing it. . . . . .

We have had an abnormally cold January so far and the girls have gotten much use out of their hat and scarf combos. They're all one piece so that there is less to keep up with and the scarf is easily kept in place once the girls have their coats on.

Emma has a camo with cream trim and all girls have a red and white one. They were particularly fun to make because of the chunky yarn and large hook size used.

This has been such a wonderful Winter so far. All my granddaughters living close again, nice cold weather, a little snow and we have all enjoyed excellent health!